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Index Partitioning

The rules for partitioning indexes are similar to those for tables:
■ An index can be partitioned unless:
– The index is a cluster index
– The index is defined on a clustered table.
■ You can mix partitioned and nonpartitioned indexes with partitioned and
nonpartitioned tables:
– A partitioned table can have partitioned or nonpartitioned indexes.
– A nonpartitioned table can have partitioned or nonpartitioned B-tree indexes.
■ Bitmap indexes on nonpartitioned tables cannot be partitioned.
■ A bitmap index on a partitioned table must be a local index.
However, partitioned indexes are more complicated than partitioned tables because
there are three types of partitioned indexes:
■ Local prefixed
■ Local nonprefixed
■ Global prefixed
These types are described in the following section. Oracle supports all three types.

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