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Advantages of Change Data Capture

The following list describes the advantages of capturing change data with Change
Data Capture:

■ Completeness
Change Data Capture can capture all effects of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
operations, including data values before and after UPDATE operations.
■ Performance
Asynchronous Change Data Capture can be configured to have minimal
performance impact on the source database.
■ Interface
Change Data Capture includes the DBMS_CDC_PUBLISH and DBMS_CDC_
SUBSCRIBE packages, which provide easy-to-use publish and subscribe
■ Cost
Change Data Capture reduces overhead cost because it simplifies the extraction of
change data from the database and is part of Oracle9i Database and later

Note that you cannot use any table that uses transparent data encryption as a source
table for Change Data Capture.
A Change Data Capture system is based on the interaction of publishers and
subscribers to capture and distribute change data, as described in the next section.

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